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On 28.01.2023, at the same time as the Budapest Open, the new management of Comex also held its first meeting of 2023.

At the meeting, several important tasks were waiting to be solved, the election of the leaders of the committees, the discussion of the continental development of our sport and the creation of the work schedule for the next two years. The management concluded the meeting with complete satisfaction.

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Between 09.07-10.2022, Cesav organized the 2022 Combat Euroba Championship in the city of Boulogne sur Mer.

Yann Pochet and his team organized a perfect competition, all participants really enjoyed the conditions. On Friday, the finals were held for the junior competitors (18-21 years old), and on Saturday the adult competitors entered the ring in a great gala.

Congratulations to all participants, matches can be found on

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Lors des championnats d'Europe combats juniors et séniors 2022, qui se sont tenus à Boulogne sur mer, du 8 au 10 septembre 2022, la Confédération Européenne de Savate a tenu son Assemblée générale ordinaire élective.

A l'issue de cette réunion, il en ressort que le nouveau Comité Exécutif est composé comme suit :

Président Rodolphe 
REDON (France)
Vice-président Viktor 
LOVASZI (Hongrie)
1Nenad SAREC (Croatie)
Secrétaire générale 
Florence QUIST (Belgique)
Joël DHUMEZ (France)
Georges TANCHEV (Bulgarie)
Alessendro ZINI (Italie)

During the 2022 European Junior and Senior Fighting Championships, which were held in Boulogne sur mer, from September 8 to 10, 2022, the European Savate Confederation held its ordinary elective General Assembly.

 At the end of this meeting, it appears that the new Executive Committee is composed as follows:

President Rodolphe
REDON (France)

Vice President 
Viktor LOVASZI (Hungary)
Nenad SAREC (Croatia)
General secretary
Florence QUIST (Belgium)
Joel DHUMEZ (France)
Georges TANCHEV (Bulgaria)
Alessendro ZINI (Italy)

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